Saturday, March 13, 2010

Site Optimization and Memcache Complete

Mizozo has been growing steady for the last year, and now with 3000 articles in our database a little site optimization was required to keep our servers from crashing. Our latest attempt at optimization trimmed down our database, improved some of our functions responsible for database management, and most importantly we implemented Memcache to keep an even greater strain off our processor in general.

We are very happy with Mizozo's progress and are looking forward to more and more members joining the Mizozo community to bring the latest news stories to the world. Several bloggers have realized that Mizozo is also a great SEO tool for their site and a great way to drive additional traffic to their site. While this wasn't our initial intention, we are glad to see that the internet community is teaching us numerous other applications for Mizozo.

It is also unfortunate that our Beta product is dragging for so long. We had hoped to get it to full production long ago. Our hopes is to complete development well before years end and bring a sleeker, more social Mizozo to the world. Stay tuned, and thanks for making Mizozo what it is today.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting! I have been looking around and see you are still getting started and building a good foundation. I will be around!