Friday, March 21, 2014

Things have calmed down at Mizozo and will likely stay that way for some time

With over 5 years under our belt, Mizozo has gone through many stages in its evolution. In the beginning we naively tried revolutionizing the media industry, without any media backers, and were quickly taught that we were incapable of accomplishing such a feat with no seed money or good names backing our cause.

Over time we morphed and changed trying to find a niche. The only thing that has stayed true from the beginning is our transparent nature. While we are still trying to keep the company transparent, our method of execution is once again in turmoil. With Google's recent manual action against us, we have had to once again change how we register publishers, more specifically who we register. We now also have to be much more attentive about the content hitting our pages, something that requires time and effort.

Unfortunately, almost everyone that has been helping me keep Mizozo a flowing content site has been tiring of all the work with no reward, and I don't blame them. With no more prizes to hand out, most see this as a thankless task that is overly time consuming. While everyone promises to occasionally post articles, it seems that Mizozo's regularity will no longer be there.

Mizozo isn't going anywhere, and intends to be the worlds first truly transparent company. I will keep this site going as long as I possibly can, and will begin to personally contribute articles as often as I can. I have to rethink how to do some things, especially on how to attract publishers, but since the site is more or less self sustaining, I am in no rush.

As things progress, I will keep everyone informed, but for some time Mizozo will be going into a much more passive mode. I will no longer be providing the monthly reports, not because I want to keep it private but more because it is time consuming and doesn't seem to attract much attention given its required effort. If enough requests are made, I will gladly restart those reports.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mizozo's progress. I would love to keep developing the WordPress migration, but unfortunately that, too, is incredibly time consuming, and will likely be put off once more.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mizozo has joined the fight against mass surveillance

We are a little late to the game, but I just added the script to add Mizozo to the anti-surveillance movement currently sweeping the internet. If you visit Mizozo today, you will see a giant footer appear which will allow you to email or call your representative to let them know that you will not stand for mass surveillance.

Today, February 11th, is the day we fight back ... or, at least make our voices heard.

Google's Manual Action on Mizozo has been removed

Exactly two weeks after submitting out request to remove the Manual Action placed on Mizozo by Google for violations of their terms, Mizozo is now free and clear. We did a lot of work to remove it, first by setting up a new way to handle those annoying SEO publishers, then by removing all the SEO articles completely.

It is interesting to note how few of the publishers we removed actually complained, further solidifying my view that there were only a small handful of users who were simply registering multiple accounts. At this point, we will be much more careful to keep these kinds of publishers off of Mizozo, but unfortunately they made up 99% of our new users.

Mizozo has been around for over 5 years now, and isn't going anywhere any time soon, so time will tell how successful we will be in attracting real content publishers. For now, our sights are set on fixing the site itself, probably moving to Wordpress (although this has come across some unforeseen problems). In time, Mizozo will settle, and things will become far more reliable.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mizozo's January 2014 Numbers

Due to Google's Manual Action against us, January didn't start the year all that well. The basic numbers are below, and the detailed numbers are here.

Visitors: 91,288
Page Views:164,511
Pages/Visit:  1.8
Earnings: $196.34

Hopefully, now that we have resolved all of Google's issues with the site, our traffic will return to its previous glory. Who knows, maybe it will even increase now that we are more attuned to Google's way of thinking. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Too many takedown requests today, all SEO articles have been deleted

I have just deleted all SEO articles, 4115 of them. Today alone I have received requests for 15 separate articles to be removed. That is just too much. I removed them all, so from here on out nobody should be complaining. I have some coding to do in order to finalize the changes (removing the SEO category completely), but that can be done at a later date. Right now, anyone visiting it will simply see no articles.

While I feel a little bad for all the work put into making those articles, given how much trouble it has cost Mizozo I can't say I regret the decision.